What can I do to help others?


Be a role model

Be generous to others

Be kind to animals

Be kind to others

Be kind to your enemies

Be respectful to school staff

Clean the bathroom

Clean the yard

Compliment someone to make their day

Do your chores

Donít bully

Donít join in gossip

Donít roll your eyes

Donít talk back

Donate food to charity

Donate things we donít use

Educate the uneducated

Feed the hungry Ė offer someone food

Give back to others

Give someone flowers

Give to others

Go against the wrong

Help a gardener plant

Help carry packages

Help family members

Help foreign students by translating

Help local shelters

Help older any younger siblings

Help someone unload the car

Help someone who needs help

Help someone with directions

Help someone with homework

Help the elderly

Help the poor

Help with projects

Hold the door for someone

Hug someone who needs it

If there is someone new help them out

Invite someone random to your lunch table

Listen to parents

Mop the floor

Mow the lawn

Pick up garbage on the floor


Pray for the sick


Reward someone

Say hi to someone

Smile at someone

Try to give someone shelter (umbrella?)

Tutor others