What Did We Do?


*November 19 and 23

     Online and In-Person:  Review of 1Q Lessons

       Vocabulary - First Quarter

       Faith - Belief in God

       Trinity:  God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

       Saints and Angels

       Bible:  73 Books, Old and New Testaments

       Evangelists wrote the Four Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

       Prayer is conversation with God

       Sacraments - Seven special connections with God

       Baptism - First sacrament, only received once

       Profession of Faith - part of Baptism, every Mass; what we believe

Assignment:  Think about what you could do to help others      



*November 12 and 16

     Online and In-Person:

         -Saint John the Baptist and Saint Teresa of Calcutta

         -Symbols and Sacraments - Sacrament Overview


Assignment:  Find out which sacraments you have already received,

and when and where you received them (ask parents!)  Who are your Godparents?



*November 5 and 9

    Online and In-Person:

    -Adam and Eve story   (Genesis 2-4)

    -Literal Interpretation of the Bible

    -Miraculous Medal - Mary Crushes Serpent (devil)

Assignment:  Christian Symbols worksheet - Online or In-Person


*October 29 and November 2

    Online and In-Person:

       -Moses, Mary Magdalene

       -Superstitions!  Halloween, All Saints, All Souls

       -Profession of Faith - Apostle’s Creed


           -List five more superstitions (other than the ones we talked about) and

             send the list to me (take a photo of your notes)


*October 22 and 26

    Online and In-Person:

      -Holy Trinity

      -Mother Mary Teresa Tallon, Blessed Stanley Rother

     -Sainthood, martyrs, canonization; Blessed, Servant of God


          -Read I Saw Jesus Today and write three sentences about it.



*October 15 and 19

   Online and In-Person:

     -Evangelists:  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

     -Bible:  Old and New Testaments, Four Gospels = Good News

     -Prayers:  formal, informal, action, meditation

     -Structure of prayers:  Greeting, Thanks, Ask

     -Our Father (Mt 6:9-13, Lk 11:2-4) Hail Mary (Lk 1:28, 42)


          -Read beginning of each Gospel and write what it is about

          -Write an informal prayer, from you to God

          -Catch up any assignments from last week


*October 8, Online

    -Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Michael the Archangel

    -Saints and angels, patron saints

    -Review Mass attendance, assignments process

    -Review “favorites” and add a few more

    -Who is God?  Discussion.  Moses, Elijah


           -Draw a picture of God

           -Make a list of prayers you know from memory

           -Updated Favorites Profile


*October 1 and  October 5, 2020

   Online and In-Person:

     -Get acquainted, overview of the course

     -Solve any technical or other issues

     -Book exploration



         -Read Genesis 1:1 and Revelations 22 and Epilogue.  Take notes about what you

         think of these two passages.

         -Email me photos of your Favorites Profile, and your Bible notes  (2 photos)

   In Person:  Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Michael the Archangel


What Did We Do?

What Can I Do to Help Others?


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