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March 5, 2021


Mary S. Pobedinsky

Stained Glass Windows pictured on this site are from Sacred Heart Church, Monroe NY


What Did We Do?

What Can I Do to Help Others?


Old Testament

Vocabulary and Mass Vocabulary

Catholic Links

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Information for parents about this web site

What Did We Do?  Information about our classes, links to handouts

Sacred Heart Church - Parish Website

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Mass Attendance and Documentation

Sunday Mass Livestream - YouTube

Father David Rider Website

Lent Resources, Creative Lent Ideas

I Saw Jesus Today

What Can I Do to Help Others?

Catholic Links  More information and videos about our Faith

Other Interesting Links  For fun and information

Saints  Holy people we’ve discussed, and links to more information

Old Testament People   Historic people from the years before Christ

Vocabulary and Mass Vocabulary Basic definitions of basic doctrine concepts—more every week!

Profession of Faith

Bible Word Meanings

Puzzles  Expand your mind!

Quotations  Something to think about (thinking is good!)

Music Videos  I like this stuff

Ten Commandments and Beatitudes

Daily Mass Readings - from the US Council of Catholic Bishops

How to Pray the Rosary

Confession, Reconciliation, Penance

and  Examination of Conscience

Stained Glass Windows at Sacred Heart